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What did the Bee say to the Flower?  Hi Honey!

Meli Bee HealthyI’m Meli (Greek for honey). I got married five years ago and moved to the Northern Virginia just a few miles outside of Washington, D.C.

Teleworking while eating snacks all day was slowly taking its toll on my physique.  Working from home certainly has it’s perks, static movement not being one of them.  Nearly three years ago I got off my butt, gave up my rarely used gym membership and started using  home workouts and fitness programs with Beachbody. Meli Bee HealthyIt has changed my life, approach to cooking, eating and I now I’m sharing what I know with others as a health and wellness coach.

To get involved with my community I started moonlighting part-time as a personal cook as I L-O-V-E food and really enjoy cooking for others.  Today I’m a part-time personal chef and full-time Beachbody Coach who decided helping others with food is where my passion lies.

So what’s up with the bees?

Well, they are in trouble and without them we won’t have all the food we love to enjoy.  I’m committed to helping to keep our awareness of how important they are to our lives and health.Meli Bee Healthy


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