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Meli Bee HealthyWorking out doesn’t have to be a solitary experience, try out a challenge group.

Eliminate wasted time traveling to the gym and sign up to join my free, monthly challenge group.

What exactly is a Challenge Group?

It’s a supportive, interactive ‘closed’ online group on Facebook. Our comments, pictures, questions are all contained to this page and do not leak outside into any of our news feeds. I think that is important to emphasize.

Every day we will check in to the featured group, where we are going to set goals, exchange fitness tips, recipes, meal plans, workout modifications and celebrate all the steps along the way. We’ll also trouble shoot the challenges of weekend temptations, traveling, time management while doing our programs and finding the best solutions to stay on track to take care of ourselves first.

It’s our place to share, vent, cheer, gripe, learn and most importantly STAY ACCOUNTABLE. We’ll have slip ups, miss workouts, eat bad food but we’ll encourage each other to get back to it and keep going.

As your concierge, I am here to provide you with support and guidance along your way. I’m not a fitness expert but I do have a lot of great information to share about fitness and meal planning. I’ve had my own personal transformations and am walking proof that these groups work.

My knowledge is your knowledge.

Together we figure out which fitness program will be best for you based on your activity level and goals. Then we design an easy to follow workout schedule with check-ins to be sure you stay on track.  And most importantly, I help you customize a healthy meal plan that works with your routine, family and diet. We can work in a team environment or I’ll work with you one-on-one as your virtual personal wellness adviser.

Today is the best day to join a Challenge Group!

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